We pride ourselves on providing high quality service!

Just about every team member has worked on the client or OEM side of the equation. We understand your challenges and your needs. We know how much deadlines matter. We know how much cost matters. Our goal is that you see your team and ours as one.

Control Algorithms

With a focus on BMS, Body, Autonomous and Powertrain, AMP has expertise in control algorithm development to help you get to the setpoint.

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ECU Design & Specifications

With our broad knowledge of ECU design, AMP can jump start your ECU development with hardware, software designs and specifications whether you source the ECU from us or another supplier.

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Electrical & Powertrain Architecture

At AMP, we take architecture seriously. We have expertise in system optimization, functional safety, parts selection, sourcing, trade-offs, network design and system specifications. Let us help you get your architecture where it needs to be.

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Electrical & Powertrain Integration

Modern vehicles are complex in nature. System integration requires thorough understanding of hardware design and software design to ensure the system works as a whole. Our expertise allows us to build systems quickly that deliver the functionality required.

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