What is V2G (Vehicle to Grid) ?

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) refers to the process whereby an Electric Vehicle (EV) can both import and export electrical power from and to the power or energy grid. V2G enables EVs to charge, have charging managed (time shifted or slowed), or export electrical energy stored in the EV battery, back to the local distribution network or a local load.


What is a Benefit to V2G ?

A modern EV, when plugged into the electricity grid, could therefore serve as a supplemental energy storage device by using the battery to provide electricity for peak demand and congestion. Drawing from the supplemental stored energy of EVs would reduce having the grid operator purchase additional energy

The Benefits of the ampV2G (Vehicle to Grid) Offering

ampV2G is a proprietary CODEC used to translate ISO15118 and DIN70121 messages into C message structures optimized for non-linux embedded solutions. AMP has developed a CODEC that is substantially more efficient than the OpenV2G™ CODEC.

ROM Study Comparing openV2G and ampV2G:

Compiler openV2G™ ampV2G % Reduction
armcl 120 38 68
clang x86 -O0 231 64 72
clang x86 -O3 149 77 49

Compiled byte size for all relevant files related to the DIN70121 codec. Values shown in KI. Binaries measured using bloaty.

AMP's CCS Software Package

  1. Supports both ISO 15118 and DIN 70121
  2. Supports AC and DC fast charging
  3. Supports External Identification Means (EIM) and 'Plug 'n Charge' (PnC)
  4. Written in MISRA compliant ANSI C
  5. Optimized to run in small real time microcontrollers. (i.e. no Linux)
  6. Custom EXI Messaging CODEC generation from XML schema
  7. Full Software Stack includes Charge State Machine, EXI Messaging CODEC, and GreenPHY drivers.
  8. Support for a wide variety of OS, TCP/IP, and Crypto Library combinations
  9. Security with TLS, Certificates, and Signatures

Software Architecture

AMP Software Architecture

System Requirements

  1. C99 compiler or newer
  2. ~ 100KB ROM space
  3. ~ 20KB RAM space

Additional Services Available

  1. Technical Support
  2. Integration & Porting
  3. Maintenance
  4. Application Support
  5. Hardware Support

Why AMP?

Our team has been spent the last 20+ years refining their skills in the art of managing energy on and off vehicle.They have built solutions for some othe largest e-mobility companies in the world including Tesla, Faraday Futures, Parker Aerospace, Rivian, Honda just to name a few. We consider BMS development one of our core competencies.

  1. Our team has delivered many automotive and aerospace production hardware solutions for major OEMs including Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Tesla.
  2. We specialize in working with E-OEMs and traditional OEMs.
  3. We are agile in our development of both hardware and software and will quickly deliver even when requirements change.
  4. We create innovative, cost effective solutions that are safe and secure.
  5. We share source code and schematics for our customer's internal use and review to ensure the highest quality product. This is a substantial difference between AMP and larger suppliers.