What is a CCS Junction Box ?

... and why do I need one? If you want to enable Level 3 DC Fast Charging on your vehicle, you will need to communicate with the Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) over one of the standard protocols such as ISO15118/DIN70121, GB/T, or CHAdeMO. The CCS Junction Box manages this communication protocol as well as controls the flow of energy between the EVSE and the battery.

  1. Manages communications such as:
    - ISO15118 / DIN70121 / SAE J2847 / SAE J2931
    - GB/T
    - CHAdeMO
  2. Controls and houses fast charge contactors
  3. Monitors temperature
  4. Controls charge port functions
    - Ensures connection of charge
    - Locks the charge handle
    - Drive chargeport lighting
  5. Communicates with vehicle over CAN

A well designed CCS Junction Box ensures a reliable charge every time!

CCS Junction Box 1

The Benefits of AMP's CCS Junction Box

The benefits of AMP's CCS Junction Box for electric and heavy duty vehicles and applications include:

  1. Low cost
  2. High performing
  3. Functional safety rated capable
  4. Modular design – solution with or without fast charge contactors

Our CCS Junction Box

The AMP CCS Junction Box :

  1. Accelerates Development
  2. Utilizes a Customizable Platform
  3. Lowers the Cost of the BOM
  4. Leverages Years of Lessons Learned
  5. Integrates Validated Circuitry
Charging Control Unit

Our Highly Flexible Structure

The CCS Junction Box can be provided as a full DC Fast Charge solution which includes contactors or as a standalone PCB to be packaged within another product. AMP also specializes in providing application specific solutions.

Functional features include:

  1. Dual contactor drive with economizer (500A/900V)
  2. Precharge circuit
  3. Supports ISO15118 / DIN70121 / GBT / SAE J1772 interfaces
  4. Dual CAN-FD interface
  5. Wake on CAN or Ignition
  6. Sleep current < 100 uA
  7. Supports AUTOSAR network management
  8. CAN based UDS bootloader
  9. SRS Decoding
  10. Fastkill (quick contactor open)

Safety features include:

  1. HV bus discharge
  2. Contactor weld detection
  3. Up to ASIL-C certifiable
  4. Temperature monitoring
  5. High-Voltage interlock sense
  6. Isolation detection
  7. High voltage sensing and reporting
  8. Contactor bus-bar thermal modeling for over current drive capability
  9. IP67 Rated
  10. Local EEPROM storage to manage contactor opening counts
CCS Junction Box 2

Why AMP?

Our team has been spent the last 20+ years refining their skills in the art of managing energy on and off vehicle. They have built solutions for some of the largest e-mobility companies in the world including Tesla, Faraday Futures, Parker Aerospace, Rivian, Honda just to name a few. We consider charging development one of our core competencies.

  1. Our team has delivered many automotive and aerospace production hardware solutions for major OEMs including Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Tesla.
  2. We specialize in working with smaller OEMs but can also support larger OEMs
  3. We are agile in our development of both hardware and software and will quickly deliver even when requirements change.
  4. We create innovative, cost effective solutions that are safe and secure.
  5. We share source code and schematics for our customer’s internal use and review to ensure the highest quality product. This is a substantial difference between AMP and larger suppliers.