The Benefits of AMP's Bootloaders

The benefits of AMP's Bootloaders for mobility applications include:

  1. Compatible with ISO-14229 Unified Diagnostic Services and ISO-15765 DoCAN
  2. Supports security using seed/key and SHA-256 Application Hash Verification
  3. Supports adding of custom data identifiers as needed by Read/Write Data by ID service
  4. Supports adding of custom IO control or routine control
  5. Supports HW Watchdog with option for SW based Program Sequence Watch
  6. Supports Updates of the bootloader itself using special application
  7. Supports CAN, LIN and Ethernet
  8. Leverages standard dll’s for low cost CAN tools on Windows or Linux
  9. Easily scriptable
  10. Can be used for end-of-line tests or during continuous integration
  11. Supports automotive processors including NXP PowerPC and S32, Infineon Aurix, TI Hercules, ST SPC56 and more

Our Bootloader Client

The AMP Bootloader Client:

  1. Is Written in C, C++ and Python
  2. Leverages standard dll's for low cost CAN tools on Windows or Linux
  3. Leverages socket CAN to run on embedded Linux or QNX
  4. Is easily scriptable
  5. Can be used for end-of-line tests or during continuous integration.
  6. A GUI (graphical user interface) is available as well


Our Bootloader Software Development Practices

  1. MISRA C:2012 static analysis checks using PC-Lint
  2. SEI CERT C static analysis for secure coding to reduce unintended software vulnerabilities.
  3. Code Reviews
  4. Jenkins Continuous Integration Server with nightly regression tests using HIL system
  5. Support ISO-26262 guidelines

Why AMP?

Our team has been spent the last 20+ years refining their skills in the art of managing energy on and off vehicle.They have built solutions for some othe largest e-mobility companies in the world including Tesla, Faraday Futures, Parker Aerospace, Rivian, Honda just to name a few. We consider BMS development one of our core competencies.

  1. Our team has delivered many automotive and aerospace production hardware solutions for major OEMs including Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Tesla.
  2. We specialize in working with E-OEMs and traditional OEMs.
  3. We are agile in our development of both hardware and software and will quickly deliver even when requirements change.
  4. We create innovative, cost effective solutions that are safe and secure.
  5. We share source code and schematics for our customer's internal use and review to ensure the highest quality product. This is a substantial difference between AMP and larger suppliers.