We're inspired by building products!

We're a very grounded group of people, but we have a bit of mad scientist or crazy inventor in our DNA. We love building products. We want to build things that improve people's lives. We also like to compete with our fellow engineers and build the best products in the world. That's fun too.

Battery Management Systems (BMS)

AMP battery management systems are designed with both distributed and centralized architectures to enable cost and performance optimized solutions. Our architecture is scalable for up to 1000V and applications ranging from Ultra Light Vehicles (e-bikes and e-scooters) to Heavy Duty Vehicles (trucks).

What is a Battery Management System (BMS)?

... and why do I need one? If you have a rechargeable battery you most likely have a BMS to support it. The BMS, at its most basic level, provides the following services:

  1. Manages and optimizes the battery environment to ensure it remains safe
  2. Monitors data including the state of the battery (i.e. SOC, SOH and DOD etc.)
  3. Calculates data
  4. Communicates information

A well designed BMS protects the primary energy source for electrified transportation. It ensures that the power source, the battery, is effectively utilized while giving long life.

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Charging Solutions

AMP develops charging hardware and software for the J1772, ISO15118, and DIN charging standards. Using proprietary software, AMP is able to reduce the hardware cost significantly on an embedded platform.

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The body system is perhaps the most customizable system in a vehicle today. When should the lights go on? Should they dim? Should the user be able to disable this feature? We have architected controllers that allow our customers access to our code base to modify features at the application layer. In simple terms, customization is now in the hands of the OEM.

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AMP provides UDS compliant bootloaders for both automotive and industrial applications to enable over-the-air updates for our customers.

What is a Bootloader ?

... and why do I need one? Most people are less familiar with term Bootloader and are more familiar with the term Over The Air or OTA.They are not the same, but they are related. AMP leverages bootloaders to access firmware over the air to update the firmware. The bootloader is the application that runs the updates on the embedded device. Tesla is most known for leveraging OTA technology to update their systems. For the average customer it saves them time and money by avoiding going to the local auto shop.

AMP has the expert knowledge on OTA, microcontrollers, and the protocols involved.  Our software is reliable, secure, production quality and has been vigorously tested.

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Why AMP?

Our team has been spent the last 20+ years refining their skills in the art of managing energy on and off vehicle.They have built solutions for some othe largest e-mobility companies in the world including Tesla, Faraday Futures, Parker Aerospace, Rivian, Honda just to name a few. We consider BMS development one of our core competencies.

  1. Our team has delivered many automotive and aerospace production hardware solutions for major OEMs including Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Tesla.
  2. We specialize in working with E-OEMs and traditional OEMs.
  3. We are agile in our development of both hardware and software and will quickly deliver even when requirements change.
  4. We create innovative, cost effective solutions that are safe and secure.
  5. We share source code and schematics for our customer's internal use and review to ensure the highest quality product. This is a substantial difference between AMP and larger suppliers.
  6. AMP utilizes a next gen approach to testing. Our goal is 100% functional coverage during continuous inetgration. To do that we use automated unit tests, SIL, and HIL that are managed by Virtual machines based on docker containers. This allows us to be both agile and comply with strict safety standards.