Passenger Vehicles

Already trusted by some of the world’s leading E-OEMs, AMP has scalable solutions covering the entire EV energy ecosystem. With decades of experience in delivering innovative EV solutions, our team is dedicated and proven. No matter the pack nor production size, we have a solution that delivers accelerated development and decreased costs.


Connected Energy Management System

AMP’s EMS is the most advanced total energy management solution. It combines BMS and Fast Charge functionality into a single unit that’s smaller and has a higher energy density than the competition.

Cloud Data System

The AMP Cloud Platform builds upon our industry-leading BMS software to provide a solution that offers maximum efficiency and continuous optimization. Our bulletproof bootloader is easily scriptable and can be used for end-of-line tests or during continuous integration.

Battery Management System

The AMP BMS for passenger vehicles delivers scalability, highly flexible architecture, and the highest battery utilization.

Charge Communication Software

We offer the number one ISO 15118 charging software in the world. It’s designed to support global EV charging standards, including CCS, GB/T, and CHAdeMO.

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