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We are Auto Motive Power!

We are an energy management company that specializes in charging and battery management systems (BMS).

We are game changers. We are idealists. We are passionate about mobility and passionate about a clean environment. We’ve spent years driving innovation in mobility, yet we know there is still so much more to be done. We know we can all do better. We can create an amazing mobility experience while still protecting the health of our future generations.

Meet Our Executive Team

Below are just a few of our rock stars!

Anil Paryani
Anil ParyaniFounder, CEO, & CTO
Anil has 29 years in electric vehicles and 29 patents in the areas of Battery Management Systems and Charging.
Michael Rice
Michael RiceCo-Founder & CMO
Michael has spent the last 20 years launching startups and growing companies as an executive and consultant.
Jana Fernando
Jana FernandoVP - Technology
Jana brings 20 years of experience in developing innovative software solutions for consumer electronics and E-OEM giants.
Daniel Lee
Daniel LeeVP - BD & Partnerships
Dan is a 20-year Sales leader, having driven growth at numerous global automotive suppliers.
Moritz Boecker
Moritz BoeckerVP - Battery Systems
Battery design and development expert for high energy density and cycle lifein low load environment.
Lionel Selwood Jr.
Lionel Selwood Jr.COO
A tough tech executive well experienced in developing, productionizing, and deploying market-leading energy solutions.
Nagaraj Nayak
Nagaraj NayakCHRO
An HR leader having strong business acumen, driving talent to deliver an extraordinary business value.
Jiaqi Liang
Jiaqi LiangDirector - Hardware
Jiaqi has always been an integral part of the technical core teams at the biggest names in the industry like Virgin Hyperloop & ABB.

Meet Our Advisors

We have an incredible group of advisors with a wealth of experience growing companies and success in the automotive industry.

Alex Moore
Alex MooreAdvisor
Partner, 8VC
Alex Moore focuses on incubating companies through 8VC’s Build Program, building talent networks and fundamental operational support for the rising start-ups and getting them up to speed.
Kurt Kelty
Kurt KeltyAdvisor
VP Automotive, Sila Technologies
Kurt brings more than 25 years of experience in the battery industry, including 11 years at Tesla, where he most recently served as Senior Director of Battery Technology in the automotive space.
Martin Rudigier
Martin RudigierAdvisor
Principal, Hella Ventures, LLC.
Working at the intersection of the traditional automotive industry and Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem, Martin combines his experience from both worlds to maximize value creation.
Milo Werner
Milo WernerAdvisor
Partner, Ajax Strategies
Milo has significant experience taking products from initial prototype to mass production and building the operating systems critical to sustaining their growth.
Gabe Cunningham
Gabe CunninghamAdvisor
Principal, Fontinalis Partners
Gabe is drawn to audacious founders addressing big problems. He works in undefined addressable markets on the frontiers of technology to drive innovation.
Gene Berdichevsky
Gene BerdichevskyAdvisor
Co-Founder & CEO, Sila Technologies
Gene was the 7th employee at Tesla Motors where he served as Principal Engineer on the development of the world’s first Li-ion battery system.
Bill Russo
Bill RussoAdvisor
Founder & CEO, Automobility
Bill is a globally recognized automotive and mobility expert with 35+ years of experience. Bill spent more than 15 years in China in the automotive space taking new start-ups to new heights in the EV domain.
Phil Weicker
Phil WeickerAdvisor
Head of Powertrain, Canoo
For more than 15 years, Phillip Weicker has been committed to the advancement of battery technology and electric vehicles, earning him 36 patents along his way in the industry.
Troy Nergaard
Troy NergaardAdvisor
CEO, Doosan Gridtech
Troy, previously 7 years with Tesla as a senior engineer, is a technical manager with experience in power electronics, electric vehicles, and utility systems with a leap in automotive industry.