Automobility Recognizes Auto Motive Power [AMP] as an Up-and-Coming Mobility Innovator


Paramount, CA and Shanghai, China

Auto Motive Power, Inc. [AMP] was recently profiled in the June edition of Automobility’s EXCELerate newsletter, which highlighted how AMP is ramping up several production programs.

Automobility Ltd is a globally recognized strategy and investment firm that curates innovative technology solutions for its venture partners and corporate clients. Bill Russo, Automobility’s Founder & CEO, is a renowned expert on the development of the automotive industry and future of mobility with nearly 4 decades of experience in the auto and electronics industries. Automobility has endorsed AMP as a company in a high-impact technology innovation category with strong traction toward commercialization. Recent production orders further underscore the progress the AMP team has made in their business development.

“AMP is an exciting company. Their ideas are on the cutting edge of innovation in the e-mobility space, but they are also grounded by decades of OEM experience from companies like Tesla, Rivian, General Motors and many more,” said Mr. Russo. “They are successfully combining energy management with charging technology allowing their customers to strategically manage the process of end-to-end energy management and distribution. The fact that AMP is launching several production programs for leading OEMs only validates their strategies and capabilities.”

About Automobility

Automobility Limited is a strategy and investment advisory firm helping its clients to create the future of mobility. Mobility needs, previously satisfied through product “ownership”, are increasingly being served through mobility services “usership” with profound implications not only for traditional businesses within the value chain, but also for new entrants – as they compete to deliver services. Connected mobility, which we define as “technology-enabled on-demand mobility services for moving people and goods from point A to B”, has become a disruptive, paradigm-changing development in the automotive industry. It requires a complete rethinking of the way to deliver value to the market. To succeed, companies must expand their focus from the product (the automobile) to the utility derived from the product (“automobility”) and create a business model and digital ecosystem optimized to provide digitally enabled solutions for both car owners and mobility services users.

Bill Russo, Founder & CEO of Automobility

Global expert on the development of the automotive industry and the future of mobility. Deep experience in the auto, electronics and information technology industries, with over 15 years in Asia. Currently serving as the Chair of the Automotive Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Bevin Jacob, Partner & Co-Founder of Automobility

A tech enthusiast with expertise in business innovation, investment advisory, and go-to-market execution, Bevin will use his experience to foster sustainable solutions. He has served early stage start-ups, mature global companies and intra-prenuerial businesses.

About Auto Motive Power [AMP]

AMP manages energy for e-mobility applications. Specifically, we provide electronics and software for managing batteries and charging.

We are passionate about delivering game changing technology for a clean transportation environment. AMP helps create amazing mobility experiences for the top EV OEMs in the global market.