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We are the world leader in connected battery management, charging and cloud technologies
that power electric mobility – from micro-mobility, automotive, ridesharing, drones, heavy
industrial machinery, to high-speed and hypersonic transportation. Led by a team of pioneers,
with dozens of patents that have helped shape the modern energy, aerospace and automotive
control landscape. Having engineered one of the first-ever Connected Energy Management
System (CEMS) solutions, we have delivered complete ecosystem offerings that already
underpin products from the most prominent electric OEMs and future mobility innovators on
the planet.

Battery Management Systems (BMS)

AMP battery management systems are designed with both distributed and centralized architectures to enable cost and performance optimized solutions. Our architecture is scalable for up to 1000V and applications ranging from Ultra-Light Vehicles (drones) to Heavy Duty Vehicles (trucks) to Electric Aircraft.


Charging Solutions

AMP develops charging hardware and software for the J1772, ISO15118, CHAdeMO, GB/T and DIN charging standards. Using proprietary software, AMP is able to reduce the hardware cost significantly on an embedded platform.


Connected Energy Management System (CEMS)

Battery management, charging, and cloud together in a single, compact device. This is the future of energy management.


“The company’s expertise and intellectual property is second-to-none when it comes to energy management and control – which is literally at the heart of all e-mobility.”

Gabe Cunningham, Principal, Fontinalis

“The world’s largest electric automotive manufacturers have leveraged the company’s unrivaled expertise from the very beginning of the EV wave, and numerous big names in mobility are quietly co-engineering solutions with the team at this very moment.”

Alex Moore, Partner, 8VC

“Pure electric vehicle platforms may soon become a commodity, and with AMP being one of the only companies anywhere to be able to engineer a complete energy management ecosystem, the company is poised to play an even larger role…”

Milo Werner, Partner, Ajax Strategies


We are the pioneers of intelligent energy management. With decades of experience in mobility, and dozens of patents to their names, our team is unrivaled.